A silk ribbon embraces her right wrist – a rigid chain entangles the left.
On the count of 3, 2, 1…they pull.
They run in opposite directions – they tear her in half with their utmost strength.

A mere lean to the right on her part would have resulted in silken, carefree comfort.
Days free of the biting chains that tie her to this malicious, cold, barren cell.
Free of these life sucking, flesh eating and brain draining evils.

But she lacks the strength, the trust, the desire to budge right.
Instead, she stands idly in the middle like the stupid, undeserving wretch she is.
She lets the black poison that keeps her idle seep through.

With one powerful tug, the chains drag her body one step further inside this hallow hole of nothingness.
She succumbs to it; she welcomes it.
It’s what you wanted after all, is it not?



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