Look Him in the Eyes

It’s a damned sad thing,
When you can’t look your victim in the eye.
Because seeing their scars,
Awakens the monstrous guilt eating at your heart.
Hearing their moans,
Shakes the blinds you’ve placed to cover the raging shame.

The fear of looking into their eyes,
And seeing the pain,
The years of potential and youth and vitality lost,
The deteriorating health, The weakened body.
Seeing the shadow of a broken man,
And all that he has given in his selfless life.

Looking into his eyes would be too overwhelming,
Coward that I am.
But goddamn it, he deserves it.
It won’t give him back what he lost,
But it is the least he deserves – Recognition.

So if there’s the least bit of conscience left in your ugly heart,
Look him in the eye,
Admire those selfless scars
And listen to the story they tell.



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