Because I really did like you

All the times I’ve ran to medicate the thumping ache in my heart.
The breaths I’ve had to gulp to distill the burning anger.
Anger because you had the power to do this to me, and you used it.
Sadness because it was evident that I wasn’t enough.

It’s the coldness in your voice, when you answered.
The leaked excitement, when you talked about other girls.
The arrogance in your eyes, when you treated me as an inferior.

Through it all, I found reasons to justify your actions.
I let myself be the scapegoat to your flaws.

And to this day, I am equally as stupid.
I smile congenially and we continue as friends.
And so here’s to being a fool.

A big old cheeky smile,
because we all have flaws and
I really do wish the best for you.


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