They stem from the cobwebs of my imagination, and exist on the basis of invisible evidence. They are my every insecurity, inseparable from my thoughts of you, what you haven’t yet done, and what we will become.

They are senseless and unvalidated, crazy and meaningless. But still, the onslaught of these fears rage, and I am on wire. My heart peers over, centimeters from an unrecoverable drop.

If I asked you to meet me halfway on the tightrope, would you? 




The rusty handle gave way and they were greeted by a blast of warm air infused with the scent of moldy wood. A pile of over-turned chairs lay at one corner, and sunlight streamed in through a crack in the grimy window. Their eyes met for a long moment before he shrugged and she rolled up her sleeves.
It was the paradigm spring day and they, were off to rebuild a long-forgotten shed.

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Silence enveloped the car. Arms folded, she stared out the window. Suddenly, he made a turn and parked the car; they stared at an empty lot. “Can you at least tell me what’s wrong”, he said, hands still gripping the steering wheel. She continued to look out.

Where was the connection they had built after all these years, where a single glance could speak a thousand words?

Only frustration existed now; neither could understand what the other wanted.

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There are times when I am rocketed by fear. My heart, my happiness, all that I am and hope to be, stands at the edge of your fingertips.
Once in a while, insecurities manifest, and I am a deer caught in headlights.
I see you letting go,and the fall is so long,so dark.

But you catch me, right before I am consumed by these debilitating thoughts.
I am reminded that you are mine,and we are real.




“I want to go home” she cried. “I miss eating at home. I miss my bed and blankets. I miss hanging out with everyone at the park, and eating ice cream, and making fun of Alan’s lame jokes. … I miss you.” He could hear the sadness in her voice and his heart ached. They were connected by nothing other than the telephone wire he gripped so tightly in his hands.

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The air buzzed of summer night coolness; the empty road lighted by fluorescent streetlights. He was swinging a stick he had picked up from the ground earlier, and she was humming the catchy melody of the overplayed song on the radio.
She stopped mid-hum. “Remember when you used to be afraid of the dark? That one time we played hide&seek at night and Mo scared you senseless from behind?”
She laughed at the memory. “It took you a whole week before you’d come out with us again”.

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“Where do you think we’ll end up in the future?” she asked.
The grass tickled their faces, and their eyes squinted from summer rays. He was in a peaceful daze before she suddenly sat up and obstructed his view of the unblemished, azure sky.
Leaning in she smirked “Bet I’ll be a thousand times richer than you”. “Yeah, yeah” he thought, unfazed.

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