Tell Me Why

In the corners of my mind are endless reasons why we shouldn’t. Each one stems from naught reality, and yet,the shivers down my spine say they are so real. The lyrics they sing verify the fear, and I am left wondering why. Why do people do it? Why do I yearn for something I am so cowardly afraid of?

Why  play  a game with no rules?
Why gamble at such terrifyingly high stakes?
Why invest with the possibility of negative returns?




They stem from the cobwebs of my imagination, and exist on the basis of invisible evidence. They are my every insecurity, inseparable from my thoughts of you, what you haven’t yet done, and what we will become.

They are senseless and unvalidated, crazy and meaningless. But still, the onslaught of these fears rage, and I am on wire. My heart peers over, centimeters from an unrecoverable drop.

If I asked you to meet me halfway on the tightrope, would you? 


These Summer Nights

A wave of euphoria creeps over,
And my heart is lifted from its buoyancy.

It climbs higher and higher,
Until every exhale is sprinkled with delight,
And every inhale is encased in satisfaction.

I discreetly bite my lips,
in an attempt to fight off this silly grin.
But once in a while it slips,
And my lips to stretch across the width of my face.

An incontrollable smile emerges,
Reflecting the absolute joy I feel as I sit around this harmonious circle.

We are a  fraternity of love and honesty.
Every word spoken is met with understanding and assurance.
It is a fresh and sweet bond,
Accompanying each and every one of us as we embark on youthful adulthood.



Like an overflowing river racing down a mountain,
My flooded soul screams for disclosure to another.
But like the infinitely cruel and binding fate of Sisyphus,
A dam impounds the gushing waters.
During days of turbulence and biting winds,
The river undulates with violent savagery.
Like a love-deprived child wailing and thrashing for tenderness,
It slams full-throttle into the unyielding gate.
But like the unavoidable and star-crossed fate of the myth,
The river travels nowhere.
It remains imprisoned and hidden in the callous and desolate mountain.

Just for an instant,
I wish for exoneration from this dam.
So that the river may run uninterrupted.
Its stifled pulse released and heard.
Its muddied waters revealed, unashamed.


Twilight to Dusk

The absolute loveliness of the blushing sky, and the charming glow of the sun as it sinks below. The way the rush of day subdues, leaving seconds to trickle pass in leisure. The way the gravity of life vanishes into meaningless laughter.

My thoughts unbind and scatter into the air, granting complete freedom for fantasies to run loose. My shadows fall behind me, unacknowledged and out of sight.

Serenity settles in my every step, as contentment and wonder fills my every breath. It is a mesmerizing sight to behold, and an enchanting period to treasure.


Somewhere Only We Know

The crisp night air and moonlit roads;
The serene silence punctuated by the drone of the airplanes above us;
The eerie, winding path sandwiched between the ominous trees;
The final promise we made before embarking on our journey.

Your comforting presence beside me;
The bridge leading to the deserted, pitch-black island;
The complete trust and doubtless safety because I was with you.

Our heads tilted up towards the dusky night sky;
Our bodies turning slowly to capture the complete view;
Our soft voices articulating hidden thoughts.

I wonder…
Do you dream of our place the way I do?