Her right temple nested comfortably on his left shoulder. He felt the light trek of her finger tracing the rigid lines of his palm. Situated just like that, they watched the world turn.
A man talking on his phone, a band of kids taunting one another, a couple heading to dinner, and an old soul wearily ambling by. The clouds mirrored the mood – light and soft, patiently making its way to the next destination.

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The rusty handle gave way and they were greeted by a blast of warm air infused with the scent of moldy wood. A pile of over-turned chairs lay at one corner, and sunlight streamed in through a crack in the grimy window. Their eyes met for a long moment before he shrugged and she rolled up her sleeves.
It was the paradigm spring day and they, were off to rebuild a long-forgotten shed.

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Silence enveloped the car. Arms folded, she stared out the window. Suddenly, he made a turn and parked the car; they stared at an empty lot. “Can you at least tell me what’s wrong”, he said, hands still gripping the steering wheel. She continued to look out.

Where was the connection they had built after all these years, where a single glance could speak a thousand words?

Only frustration existed now; neither could understand what the other wanted.

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